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The Minister of Environment , Mohammed Abdullahi today on behalf of President HE Muhammadu Buhari, inaugurated the Governing Council of the National Forestry Trust Fund today in Abuja .

The council consist of the following members:

i. Hon. Abdullahi Enakhume – Chairman
ii. Engr. Dr. Daniel Habila Galadima – Vice-Chair
iii. Hon. Halima Ahmadu Jabiru – Member
iv. Mr. Mohammed Sagir – Member
v. Representative of Forestry Research Institute of Nigeria (FRIN) – Member
vi. Representative of National Parks Service (NPS)- – Member
vii. Representative of Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development
viii. Representative of Nigeria Custom Service (NCS) – Member

ix. Representative of DG Nigerian Conservation Foundation (NCF) – Member
x. Representative of Nigeria Environmental Study Action Team (NEST) – Member
xi. Representative of Wood Exporters Association of Nigeria – Member
xii. Representative of Saw Millers Association of Nigeria – Member
xiii. Director Forestry @FMEnvng – Secretary

The Governing Council is expected to carry out the following functions:

(a) Superintend the polices of the National Forestry Trust Fund (NFTF);
(b) Provide the policy guidelines relating to the functions of the NFTF;
(c) Guide and steer the NFTF on the strategic processes required for the execution of approved project, in accordance with the Terms
of Reference (TOR) and the process of funding, project selection, and the management of the NFTF;
(d) Ensure the projection of the interests of players, stakeholders and the public;
(e) Review and approve project plan, budgets provisions and communication plan for all phases of the execution of an approved project;
(f) Make appointments of members of the Technical and Assets Management Committees on the advice of the Secretariat;
(h) Monitor fund utilization by NFTF to ensure completion and post completion, maintenance of planting operations and other project;
(j) Establish for NFTF an operational structure for execution of approved project;
(k) Approve and maintain all staff appointments as recommended by the Secretariat; and
(l) No later than 31st March in each year, submit to the Minister, a report of funds received and disbursed in relation to the NFTF activities in the preceding year.
(m) Perform such other function as given to the NFTF Governing Council by the Minister to achieve the objectives for which it was constituted.

The Chairman Abdullahi Enakhume while thanking the Minister urged Nigeria’s to protect and preserve their forest and trees.

The Governing Council has a tenure of 3 years effective from today 14/02/2023.

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